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Let's get you married!


First Steps

Once you've been in touch, we'll set up our first meeting.


Here, we'll:

  • Get to know each other! 

  • Chat about the general direction and location for your wedding.

  • Discuss timelines and next steps.

I am happy to meet with you in person (in Sydney!) or via Zoom.


The Rehearsal

Close to your wedding day, we schedule and attend a rehearsal. 

At the rehearsal, we'll:

  • Fill out and sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment.

  • Run through the key steps of the ceremony.

  • Make small adjustments to ensure the day runs perfectly! 

It's a great idea for the main players of your ceremony to attend the rehearsal. This includes your bridal party and readers.


Prep Time

With a date locked in, we can get the ball rolling! 

Together, we'll:

  • Complete the legal Notice of Intended Marriage.

  • Discuss your personal ceremony script.

  • Tailor a ceremony to suit you.

I'll provide suggested readings, poetry, vows, rituals and music to help you craft your ceremony. I can be as involved in the writing of your ceremony as you'd like me to be.


Your Wedding Day!

Yay! You made it.

On the big day, I will be on site at least one hour prior to ceremony to ensure everything is perfectly in place.


I am there to assist you in whatever way you would like me to.

I will deliver your ceremony exactly as planned and attend to all compulsory requirements including vows, paperwork and the monitum (the legal bits!), leaving you to relax and enjoy your special day.

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